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Who we are

We’re a results focused project solutions organisation. We thrive on delivering the very best professional support to our clients. Our results are the measure of our success. We hope you enjoy finding out more about us.

What we do

Workshop Facilitation

Add an impartial facilitator to your most valuable meetings. Help drive clear outcomes and move projects on at pace, build cross functional team working and consensus. Learn lessons when things haven’t gone as hoped or work out where to go next with a clear plan ahead.


Even the most experienced managers and executives benefit from an impartial external perspective. Add an external programme management coach to a programme management office function to maintain that ‘helicopter view’ and focus on the possible.

Process Mapping

Understand and bring objectivity to the root cause of process issues. Are all the stakeholders really being consulted at the right stages? Are your processes as lean as they should be?

Virtual Facilitation

Do you run meetings across web conferencing services? We can help you maximise the benefit from those virtual meetings and deliver successful projects using virtual technologies across the globe.

Business Continuity

How did your business continuity plans fair during the COVID-19 crisis?  Do they need a refresh or a renewed focus?  Have you engaged your staff and your key supply chains in these plans?  We can help you bring a renewed focus and if you wish, temporary resources, into this important initiative.  

Project troubleshooting

When projects reach a problem, we don’t simply move the schedule to the right. Our project-medic service helps to bring those projects back on track, and ensure that they are surrounded by appropriate project governance structures.

Where we work

We are based in the UK, but our work takes us across the globe. We often travel but we also utilise efficient web based meeting technologies wherever possible.